My dearest friend, Pei-San (incidentally, she is a fabulous culinary and wine adventurer: asked me to photograph a family milestone; her mom’s birthday. The day I photographed Gloria and her family it was the actual day of her birth 70 years prior.  We spent some time together this day in a beautiful tropical setting that was chosen specifically by her oldest daughter because it reminds her mom of home. It was a thoughtful gathering of family; of three generations together all at once celebrating Gloria’s birth and existence in this life. This is a woman who raised two beautiful, kind, intelligent, strong, and fiercely loyal women. A woman whom I admire for her strength, tenacity, generosity of spirit, and wonderful sense of humor. I was honored to have been asked to document a part of this day. You know when you hug someone and you linger a little longer than usual because they feel like home?




It is with superlative great fantastical excitement that I present this sweet family to you! Jason and Lisa are an awesome, caring, sweet and hilarious couple. This weekend, I am editing away on their photos and I login to Facebook only to discover that he had proposed to her on Saturday. He recreated their first date! Good on ya, mate! So, in this humble little web space, I aim to celebrate them, their love for each other and their life together as a family! Life is so damn sweet. Cheers to you guys! I wish you all the best and a long life of happiness together. IMG_1852IMG_1786IMG_1806IMG_1754IMG_1848IMG_1713IMG_1686IMG_1679IMG_1660IMG_1637IMG_1702IMG_1614IMG_1571IMG_1563IMG_1591IMG_1517IMG_1457IMG_1463IMG_1429

My tiny guy. You’re always taller. taller. Taller. There are always moments where my head says, “no one ever said this would happen.” Moments like when your son, after the 33rd kiss goodnight, reaches his arms around your neck and holds you tight and sleepily whispers, “I luh you so much, mommy,” and you just hug and hug and hug until you feel him let go because you don’t want to let go a moment before that. Don’t let go before that moment. Just don’t. They start out so angry and squishy and tiny. “I was so comfortable in there. Harumph.”lz10192009

You just can’t fathom that they would become something like this guy here, two weeks ago:


It’s sort of the same smirk from his newborn photo. That, “leave me alone, mom, I really love you.” God, I love this kid. More than I can ever express. It hurts my heart that time flies so quickly. There are so many details to iron out each day and it feels like the list keeps growing, distracting you from these moments. I just want to hang on to my babies, squeeze them and never let them go. Starlit from within, they all are. I love the people they are becoming. Happy 7th Birthday, my dear love. Your hugs are so big and strong, they last for forever.





  • Julie Blackard - Nar, reading this post takes me flying back to when it was YOU and I was doing this feeling. You write so beautifully and poetically of your feelings for your little parameciae. Those amazing little creations that squeeze the stuffing right out of your heart. They make you so proud while they squeeze the life and breath out of you. I want to grab you and squeeze you til the lights go out!


A better title for this post: “How I Learn to Hold My Shit Together Around Other People”

Homecoming 2016. Only one more of these left. Ugly crying doesn’t even begin to describe how this makes me feel. My first baby is almost all grown up. I see babies with their pudgy arms and legs and remember her that way. And then I remember her at age two in her little red sandals calling them “reddeh shoosh” with her diaper butt and her dark chocolate hair pulled up into a little spray of floof on top of her head. And her reaching for me and snuggling in close. Now she bends away from me when I try to get close to her. She has to. She can’t stay little forever and I do love watching her turn into the young lady she is today. It is unbearable, yet marvelous to watch. But she is still her. She is strong willed and fiercely smart, hilarious and beautiful. And I love her so hard it hurts me. IMG_9662IMG_9678IMG_9699

Getting ready with her bestie and look how sweet. She does mom’s eyeliner. I love these girls.


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Will you just look at these lovely faces? I was the lucky one chosen to photograph Vivian and Anthony’s engagement photos and wedding four years ago this Fall. Look at their pre-kiddo happiness here:




Fast forward to now and witness their sweet little family. I asked these gorgeous people to meet me on what must have been the hottest, steamiest day in Austin of 2016. I’m so sorry, guys! Still, it was gorgeous there in the trails. Almost fairy tale like. Their babies are sweet and curious and love their mamma and daddy so. And don’t you just wanna squish them? It’s always such a joy to witness the threads of love that run through a family. Thank you for enduring the mugginess of an early September Central Texas evening. I enjoyed every minute! Your babies are precious, Lockes. Everything goes so fast. Before you know it, they’ll be driving and looking at colleges. I hope these little captures help you cherish forever their rolly polly fingers, toes and bellies, and their perfectly soft skin. Breathe and feel the love you created in these two tiny creatures. Very soon, they’ll be bigger than you!

Love and hugs to all of you!



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