They Survived!

We have come to the end of the first week of school. It’s always a dreaded time for me. I see so many parent memes where the parents can’t wait for their kids to go back to school. The moms and dads toasting each other, guzzling copious amounts of wine celebrating the kids getting out of their hair. Yes, it’s totally hilarious and I can relate. I once was a work at home mom. I get it. But, now that I am no longer of that ilk, I greedily yearn for the days when I would tell myself over and over, “be thankful, lots of people have to work and don’t see their kids this much. BE mutherfuckin’ thankful, dummy!” But those days are gone. I work a regular person cube job. (Yes, I do enjoy it.) AND I own my own business. AND my kids have two houses. No I’m not complaining. Yes, I am. But I want them more. All the time. I crave them when they are gone. The minute they’re gone. I miss them. How could I not? They are my precious babies. They are amazing people! They all have their own light and love to give to the world that they have cultivated themselves and I can’t help but long to soak up every moment of it. I want them to grow and learn, but I dread the minutia of regimented school life; the early morning rush, the late evening rush to get them fed, lunches and dinner made, telling them over and over to finish homework and take a bath, and the get-to-bed-before-you’re-overtired-so-you-wake-up-rested routine. I like lazy summer, even though Fall is my absolute favorite season. I mean decorating and costumes and parties! BAKING! Bring it!

Ok, life. Here we go. Another year of my babies growing away from me and becoming their own incredible selves. Another wonderful year of cheering them on and watching time race on like a heartless goddamned bullet train.

But, it is beautiful.


  • Julie Blackard - Oh Anna, what you wrote and who you captured in these photos is so very beautiful. Their beauty is so intoxicating and your words drive to the center of my soul!😍ReplyCancel

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