Hey friend! Thank you for visiting! You may or may not be aware that Narina Photography is the brand spanking new name for what was formerly known as Anna Zatopek Photography. I started this business in 2005 and though my interests and focus (and name!) have changed over the years, one thing remains the same; I am a passionate artist dedicated to telling a story through my craft. A moment in time captured is a treasure forever, no matter how things change. Cherish each moment with each and every person you love, for they are fleeting yet, forever. NarinaPhotography-053

Narina is a nickname that my dad gave me. It’s an iteration of several nicknames I’ve affectionately been called by my dad over the years. First, it was Annar, then that was shortened to Nar (he still uses that to this day, and incidentally I sign all my emails to my family this way), then to Narina. It makes me feel a little bit like a princess. Like I have the world at my feet and with the love of my family, I can do anything.

NarinaPhotography-052This work fills my soul and my heart with happiness. I welcome you to join me on this adventure. Here’s to making memories and art, and capturing those fleeting moments with you.



Gloria’s 70th Birthday!

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Sweet Family – Austin Family Photographer

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HOCO 2k16

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The Locke Family – Austin Family Photographer

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They Survived!

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The Dahill Family – Austin Family Photographer

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The Uhde Family – Austin Family Photographer

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